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mobile water damage

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. Wherever we go we take our smartphones with us. People take their iPhones to the beach they use even in the bathrooms, in that case, your phone can fall into the water. Your phone can do anything except swimming so it can cause serious damage to your phone. There are also some water-resistant phones in the market but not all of us have them. So you must take good care of your phone. Causing mobile water damage to your phone can disturb your whole daily routine.

To bring your phone back in stable condition some companies will repair your phone. But for that you must trust a trustworthy company, for that real mobile repair is always there for your help. So when your phone falls into the water don’t panic just follow some tips.

Go get a waterproof mobile cover

You must have heard about the mobile covers but there are also waterproof mobile covers available in the market. If you are going to the beach or to a place where there is water and also want to use your phone all the time then you should buy a waterproof mobile cover. For that, if you accidentally dropped your phone in the water it will cover your phone and will provide a protective layer causing no damage to your screen or any hardware.

Shut your phone off immediately

So the first thing that you will do is to pick your phone from the water whether it’s a beach or toilet water you should do it immediately. Although it’s difficult for you to turn off your phone that is already not working, it’s necessary to recover your phone from damage. Because turning it on after taking it out from the water can cause serious and permanent damage to your phone. So to avoid such damages, turn it off.

Remove the battery of your phone

After your phone dropped from your hand, take it out of the water and immediately remove the battery and other parts that can be removed. If the back cover of your phone can be removed, immediately remove parts like sim card, SD card android and dry them off in the towel. If you don’t know how to remove all the parts of your mobile then just leave your phone in some expert hands like real mobile repair.

Try everything to dry your phone

mobile in rice bag

First of all, you should try to try your phone as much as possible. For that you can use a towel or any other cloth, just gently pat dry it causing no damage to your phone. There are some parts where your towel or tissue cannot be reached. But in the hesitation, you should not use a blow dryer as it can reach water to other parts that are not damaged. Instead, you should use a vacuum cleaner that will suck out all the water from your phone causing less damage to your phone.

Trying other techniques to dry your phone

You should try everything to dry your phone instantly. For that, you should just leave the phone for some time. You should place it in an open place like in a window so that the air and sunlight may help. Another trick to dry your phone is to put your phone in a zip lock bag full of rice and then leave it for a day or two. Rice will absorb all humidity from your phone and will help you dry immediately.

Things you should stop doing after dropping a phone in water

So, first of all, we already told you that don’t try to turn your phone on as it can cause more damage to your phone. Don’t try to put your phone near to the heat thinking that it will dry your phone immediately because excessive heat can destroy your phone. And don’t try to push any button from the keypad because this will result in inserting more water into the mobile. Don’t try to charge your phone in that situation, remove the charger from your phone and leave it for some instance.

Turn your phone back on

After applying every trick or every instruction to your mobile phone try to turn it on. And check if it works fine, if your phone is working then it will be great for you. But if it still is not working you should contact someone that can repair your phone giving the necessary services. If nobody comes to your mind in such a situation, then don’t panic, real mobile repair will fix your phone in no time. You just have to trust the services of a real mobile repair and you would not have to worry about your phone anymore.

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