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Android Charging Port Repair

Some of the common reasons for which our customers bring their phones for charging port repair include;

  • Dust, dirt, and debris:

When dust comes in contact with the charging port, there is often an issue with the connectivity to the charger. While DIYs sound easy, professional services provided by Real Mobile Repair can get the issue resolved forever.

  • Corrosion:

When your mobile gets in contact with water and air, you might not see any obvious signs of damage but corrosion in the charging port causes it. With our quality repair services, the experts of Real Mobile Repair will get it fixed.

  • Loose charging port:

When you insert the wrong charging cable in your phone, it can result in sagging but don’t worry because Real Mobile Repair can repair it.

  • Bent metallic connector:

Professionals of Real Mobile Repair can also provide you with repair services for the charging port when it is damaged due to a bent metallic stripe of the connector.

  • Broken charger port:

No matter how your phone charging port got damaged, Real Mobile Repair can fix it anyway.

  • Get it fixed by professionals:

At Real Mobile Repair, we have a team of professionals who offer you quality Android charging port repair. Contact us now and get it fixed.

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